Why Us
Twomato Canada is an online food delivery site which allows customers to conveniently and securely place an order from any of the hundreds of restaurants within our network. Users simply specify their neighborhood and their preferred cuisine and they are immediately provided with a list of restaurants able to deliver to their location. It connects people with the best restaurants around them. Twomato Canada is an online food delivery site designed with restaurant owners and operators in mind. The site gives you complete Control of your web pages with the ability to edit any and all information anytime and from anywhere. In other words Twomato Canada is one of kind web site where you can add or change photos, add new dishes or change their prices without being dependent on expensive web designers. Once we show you how it is done, its child’s play and you will wonder why someone has not come up with this site before. Ordering food online on Twomato Canada is faster, easier, and most cost-effective than ordering on the phone. Since the order is in writing, chances of errors are minimized. Getting online increases exposure and expands your customer base, it creates online presence more customers equals more Business.

Here are some of the reasons why Twomato Canada will be an asset to your Business.

Create your own fully-interactive, customized menu and control it yourself
With our software, you can create, edit and update your menu items 24 hrs. of the day. Change pricing to reflect special discounts on items. Change pictures to show what your dish looks like in real. Add pictures in the dish gallery to show multiple pictures.
Receive customer orders in real-time on your mobile or computer.
Once the customer submits the order, receive the order immediately on your phone or on your computer. Multiple phone numbers can be used to receive the orders.
Send and receive clearly-printed messages on SMS/Email to customer about their order status.
Our automated software allows you to send sms/emails to your customers confirming their orders and the status of the orders while being processed or ready to pick up.
No more phone orders, in turn reducing chances of misheard directions or misread handwriting. Your customers will appreciate not having to wait on hold.
Online ordering has the biggest advantage of reducing error while taking orders or processing orders. Secondly customers and your time do not get wasted taking orders on phone.
Don't waste tens of thousands printing menus
In today’s time 80% of all customers have smartphone and they all look up online for finding their restaurants, menus and deals beforehand to help them find the right one to suit their needs.
Easy to manage food item
Our Software allows you to easily manage your food items and to update any item instantly from your account. You can update your description, price, pictures, specials and other information displayed on your menu.
Customers will enjoy easy "point and click" online ordering - and you'll enjoy the control of managing your menu,
You will love the software and its ease to operate. The software automatically lets you process all your orders and you just manage what needs to be done.
Exclusive offers, discounts and coupons created by you.
Create exclusive offers, discounts and coupons that you r customers can use when ordering food online. Instantly update the discount coupons/vouchers as and when required- like for Happy Hours or slow periods.
Manage address, tax, delivery charges, Receipt Message etc.
Control what needs to be updated for your order processing through the software.
Accept and decline orders or booking
You control if you want the order/booking to be processed or declined. Depending how busy you are the software will update the customer to his orders status.
Low and affordable rates that won’t break the bank.
Our pricing plans are tailor made for everyone with a special consideration to small and big restaurants. All you need to select which plan suits you the most. Price Plans
Link your online account
Link your account to your website, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share menu and promotions available for your restaurant. Joining Twomato Canada, you tap into a whole new audience online.
Mobile applications for Android and IPhone
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Easy to manage food item
Payment Gateway
Twomato Canada is a locally developed site.