Published on October 21, 2016


Amazing experience worth the drive. Go with a group and get the chefs choice and just sit back and let your taste buds be amazed. Pricey but worth it!

Published on April 25, 2016

"Superb dining!"

At a recent birthday party at the Hole in the Wall, we encountered superb dining! Each dish (and there were many different ones) was impeccably cooked, whether duck or lamb or beef or seafood. No salt and pepper in sight - no need for them as the herbs were well-matched to the dish. Those who had steak were able to cut it with a butter knife, it was so tender. Proper attention was given to the presentation of the food and the time between courses was just right. Several people took photos of their food. The waitress could have been a bit cheerier but then she remembered who ordered what and kept the wine flowing. We were a little confused about the corkage as we bought our own wine and thought that there was one corkage fee (pricey enough) but found out that the corkage fee was per bottle! Expensive meal but the dishes were worth it for a special occasion.

Published on April 25, 2016

"Really wild "ambience", fantastic food"

make a reservation and enjoy. This is in an old service station (by the look of it) but the table will be yours for the night so sit back and enjoy (and be prepared for a 3+ hour dining experience). I strongly suggest the "chef's choice".

Published on April 7, 2016

"Ask for Adrian"

It was my first time dining here and it was quite the experience. Not only was the food amazing but our waiter Adrian was fantastic. He explained everything about the Menu and was very friendly. Very professional. I will return again because of the great service I had and the delicious food.

Published on March 6, 2016

"superb food"

lovely relaxed setting, food was served very professionally and at a nice relaxed pace. all courses were delicious, it was a nice way to spend our anniversary supper, all staff courteous and we will be back.

Published on December 28, 2015

"Temperature issues all around"

My husband and I were looking forward to a nice dinner and I was disappointed. They had issues with serving a warm bun with butter. It was cold. The sorbet was so cold it was difficult to eat but the most disgusting part was putting a cold scallop into my mouth. Wow! The vegetables were cold too. This place has some issues to work out with temperature and the service could be quicker too. The meal took 3.5 hours!!! Regardless, I will not be back.

Published on December 14, 2015

"Exquisite appetizers, great cocktail, good meal but let down dessert"

We had to travel for 2 hours plus to get to this restaurant. We planned ahead since you need reservations. The service was very good and friendly (Michael was our waiter) and he explained, rightly so, that it would take some time for the meal (this is not a fast food restaurant!) so to relax, visit and enjoy. They had a nice fireplace going so the ambience was nice and cozy. The appetizers were absolutely delicious (try the Parmesan scallops and the prunes with bacon) which we enjoyed with sangria, courtesy of the house. I had a Pisco Sour which was also very good though less strong that the ones you get in Chile and Peru. The started was a delicious cream of tomato with creme fraiche, very good. The bistec was done to perfection but it lacked a sauce: a pan sauce with a splash of wine would have been perfect. The veggies and little potatoes were done to perfection. Some of my friends had the ribs, which they raved about it, and the lamb, which was also exquisite. They had a good selection of wines but it lacked a good Chilean Merlot. The Argentinean Malbec was very good anyways. The dessert was a let down after all these nice dishes: That night they offered Profiteroles which were dry, scarcely filled with a non-descriptive cream and improved some how with a good chocolate ganache. It felt that they outsourced the pastries (and to a bad bakery at that) and that was really a bad move. Those pastries were not made with butter and the filling was very poor.

Published on October 15, 2015

"Just the two of us"

My husband and I came on our wedding night and we have been coming back here to celebrate our anniversary every year! We always have the chefs choice and are never disappointed. We love the quiet romantic atmosphere. We truly feel like we are away from the rush of every day life when we are here. Just the two of us at our secret spot.

Published on September 30, 2015

"Held Hostage for Food"

I really really really wanted this to be a positive review. I really wanted to love this place. Finally – after years of it being on our “Foodie Bucket List” we were going to experience the Hole in the Wall. Regaled as THE dining experience to be had in Saskatoon. Well friends I am here to tell you that this restaurant does not live up to the hype. Let me start – as I do for many of my more detailed reviews – with a bit about me. I’m in my 40’s love to travel and eat well wherever we go. Tonight’s reason for visiting THITW – too long to keep typing – was to celebrate my 14th Anniversary! My husband and I love to celebrate milestones with big dinners – for example his 40th was spent in Montreal at Europa – at the time the #1 restaurant in Montreal according to Trip Advisor. When we travel we seek out the great local places as well as the Celebrity Chefs. We have checked off restaurants by Morimoto, Keller, Flay, Bastianich… I could go on but I just wanted to give perspective to my review. We were not looking for the quick in – quick out dinner. We wanted to enjoy our meal – we wanted the dining experience, however little did I know what exactly we had signed up for. Our reservation was for 7:30 (initially it was for 6:30 but due to a family commitment moved it to 7:30 to ensure we wouldn’t be late – had requested 7:00 but that wasn’t available). We left Saskatoon and head to the restaurant a bit earlier than needed. Again - it was our first time visiting and I didn’t know for sur how long it was going to take to get to Shields and find the restaurant. I did not want to be late and so we ended up being quite early –arrived just after 7:00. However we were able to be seated – but were informed that we could not have our menus until our reservation of 7:30. OK this we found odd – what is wrong with looking at the menu early?? So we were able to order a cocktail and DH proceeded to sneak a look at the menu online on his phone. This was a surprise to him – choosing this restaurant – so I had reviewed the menu online earlier but this was his first chance to get a sense of what the menu had to offer! It took a while for drinks to be served (should have been our first red flag) considered how many tables were empty. At 7:30 our waitress brought out our menus! We had a couple questions and confirmed that we wanted to order the El Presidente option – you choose 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and it includes soup, salad and coffee/tea for $80 per person. A great option and reasonable price for a “Tasting Menu” type of dinner. As we had already been at the restaurant for more than 30 minutes by this point and had finished our drinks we were ready to order – but no - we could not put in our order until 8:00. I have never had a “set time” to put in an order. OK fine – we are trying to go with the flow of the place. It must be a small kitchen and the order of courses has a planned approach. Fine we can work with this but it is still off-putting – and this is totally our own assumption no one explained anything to us – even with our comments of how slow things move. We placed our orders and ordered a bottle of wine and began the next phase of waiting. I won’t bore you with all the mundane details but appetizers came out in what seemed a reasonable time – compared to all the waiting we had been doing. We shared a shrimp dish, seared scallops and mussels. All were cooked very well and presentation was okay –the paper doily under the dishes is a bit old school but we didn’t complain. Then the wait began again, soup was brought out – very yummy – and then waiting…at 9:46 ( I know because I just checked my Facebook post from that night) we were still waiting on the salad course. 2 hours and 15 minutes in and all way had been through was appetizers (which all basically came out at the same time) and soup… we waited 45 minutes after our soup for the salad course. I understand a wait when you are preparing things but the soup would not have been made to order and a wedge salad should not take 45 minutes to prepare. We honestly began discussing the option of paying for our drinks and wine and walking out…. It was well after 10:00 – around 10:30 before our main courses were served –sea bass, lamb and steak. Again the food is great but WOW nothing made sense about the wait beyond it feeling forced. We even had asked our server if the speed of service could be sped up a bit – as we did have other plans for the rest of our anniversary evening (which ended up having to be cancelled due to the lonnnnggggg dinner). The menu we chose included dessert – I saw lots of lovely crème brulees going out throughout the evening and as it is my FAV dessert I thought OK this will be the saving grace, the reason we stuck it out to the end…. But nope – the kitchen RAN OUT of this dessert (a restaurant that requires reservations should not run out of the one dessert they are serving) and instead we were given semi frozen cream puffs (like the ones from Costco) covered in a chocolate sauce. SOOOOOOO disappointed. And to top things off we were never offered the coffee/tea that was included with our meal. We left the restaurant after 11:00 – exhausted and disappointed in the entire experience. As noted I did put up a post on my Facebook account and the restaurant noticed and asked us to call them the next day – which we did. The apologized about the lack of communication from our server and that it was a bit slower than they normally are and hoped we would give it another chance. We confirmed that the food was good but with so many amazing choices in the City I didn’t experience anything worth potentially investing the 5+ hours (including drive there and back from Saskatoon) to give them another try. A couple final thoughts: - For a restaurant that results in a bill total of around the $260 that ours came to I expect the service to match the price tag – our wine was not poured, we had dirty dishes sitting at our table long after we were done with them – our server would just walk away with empty hands back to the kitchen - We did NOT receive an itemized bill at the end of the night she took our credit card and ran through the amount of $260ish - There was no apologies when we asked to speed up service and no communication about what was going on - We were told when we were given our menus that dinner would be about 2.5 hours but we were not told that when you order the tasting menu it actually extends to potentially 3+ hours – if we had been told that (as we were on the phone the next day) we could have either changed our order or adjusted our time expectations - This place has been open for 33 years so they must have been doing things right at some point in time…. Not sure if things have changed or if they actually get repeat guests, from the chatter we overheard in the restaurant it seemed to be filled with first timers who like us were not impressed with the super long evening. This was a Saskatoon/Saskatchewan “bucket list” restaurant for me to finally try – and I am really really sad that it didn’t live up to the hype or expectations for a special anniversary evening. Needless to say I won’t be back.

Published on September 6, 2015

"Unbelievable place! A must visit!"

Went for our one year anniversary. As we drove out we read some reviews that weren't very positive. We got a little nervous but thought we had to try it ourselves and thank goodness we did. It was amazing! Not only does it feel like your somewhere tropical while inside the building but the food is just beyond words. We chose the el presidente and picked 3 appetizers and 3 entrees and every single one was better than the next. We are now looking for any excuse to go back. We will definitely make it an annual thing along with any other visits we can talk friends and family into.

Published on August 5, 2015

"Move on"

Over sold, over priced to an extreme. Same comments echoed by others. Old worn down. Food....meh. Service....meh. $75 per person for the "experience" oh hell no. Don't do it. We were told how amazing this place was. Not a chance. Go to the Dundurn Pub if your out here, at least they don't pretend to be something they aren't.

Published on April 12, 2015

"Hole in the Wall"

Unfortunately went here for birthday supper. Ceiling tiles falling in from bathroom ceiling (yellow and water damaged). Wallpaper peeling from wall. Decor is a time warp. Food was cold. Picked Chef's Choice (3 item selection). He picked 3 cheapest entrees on menu. All were cold. Waiter was flippant and stated Chef had been working for 35 years and needed to prepare fresh. Fresh doesn't = Cold. Issue then became taste. If Salt is a seasoning, gay salty cold food. Waiter bragged a couple flies in from Toronto monthly. Guess they like cold salty food. Avoid this overrated overpriced restaurant like the plague.

Published on February 28, 2015

"average food, average service"

if you're looking for a 4 hour meal with small portions, average taste, average service, dirty washrooms and an over priced menu then this is the place for you. don't go to this place hungry.

Published on November 16, 2014

"Truly special. An event as much as a meal!"

This should be Saskatoon's top restaurant, in my opinion. The menu is wonderful, the food exceptional, and the service excellent. The location and setting are unique, but the drive is well earth the effort. Try one of the fixed menus, but expect to be there for a longggggg time. Did I say the food was superb? Nothing in the city comes close!

Published on July 28, 2014

"Great meal"

We went to this restaurant for the first time had read some reviews so decided to see for ourselves. When pulling up it has a hacienda look to it. They are open at 6:00 pm reservations only. Upon entering where met by a friendly staff who seated us. It is rustic with hacienda style interior also. Where seated in a room with table for 2. Our server came asked if we had eaten here before. We said no so she gave us the history of the restaurant 32nd anniversary this year. She said we should try one of their Menu de Fiesta's. It gives you the choice of multiple appetizers and entries along with soup salad coffee and desert. We tried the El Dictator 3 appetizers, soup, salad, 2 entree's, desert and coffee for $75 a person. She told us our whole meal would take about 3 hours. They brought us our drinks and our first appetizer Oyster Florentine with a creamy spinach sauce 4 total excellent then brought us Camaornes con Papa 2 huge shrimp sautéed in tequila garlic and lemon served on a potatoe compote delicious and last appetizer Canastas baked a phyllo dough filled with goat cheese pine nuts and sun dried to tomatoes excellent. Main course we had rack do lamb and chicken breast wrapped in phyllo dough stuffed with cheese spinach raisins served with cheese and sun dried tomato sauce all followed with coffee and creme bru.lee Great setting great service a bit pricy but we'll worth it.

Published on June 9, 2014

"Almost a decade wait, but worth it!"

My sister and her husband hosted a graduation dinner at hole in the wall, their treat! I lived in saskatoon 7 years ago and heard about this restaurant 8 or 9 years ago. My sister had dined there and booked the reservation for 9 of us. We went with the chefs choice menu. All 9 of us had to as they will not do choice menus unless the whole table goes along with it. This is not a great idea as you pay $90 for someone even if they had planned on ordering just an entree and my husband and I could not do the tier down where we would select our dishes ourselves. However the food was delish! We had bacon wrapped prunes stuffed with cheese--who knew prunes could taste so good!? And empanadas and cheesy potatoes for appetizers. Next was salad and apple buttermilk cold soup...soooo good. sorbet to cleanse our palates. We had lamb, blue cheese shrimp, and phyllo wrapped chicken for entrees. Then dessert was a Creme fraise cheesecake type thing. Everyone was looking for anyone who didn't want all their dessert so they could snap up more! Overall amazing food! It was a five hour experience. Also the chef was very friendly and explained the prunes with such gusto that he came back a second time to add more details! He seems very passionate about cooking!

Published on June 9, 2014

"Wow! Absolutely fabulous!"

Words don't do justice to the service, atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. It's hard to describe the whole experience without writing a book. Unique dishes and a matching ambience. Worth the trip and well worth repeat visits. It's highly recommended if you want an unforgettable dining experience.

Published on March 23, 2014

"Simply the best in this area"

You need not to be in a rush. But the food is made with the love of a master Never disappointed at this spot Excellent

Published on February 19, 2014

"Ruined my wife's birthday. Horrible, rude customer service."

We made a reservation for February 15th at 6 pm over a month prior to ensure that my wife's birthday supper turned out perfectly. Unfortunately when WE called Hole in the wall to confirm our reservation before driving all that way, we were told that one did not exist. When we mentioned the email confirmation that we had received from NELSON we were told that this also did not exist. "We are very careful about our reservations so you must be mistaken" was his response. When we forwarded the email confirmation to him TWICE he still claimed that he did not receive anything from us. My wife had been looking forward to this for over a month and was extremely disappointed; being a Saturday night it was too late to get a reservation anywhere else in Saskatoon so the evening was ruined. I have also heard from others that the menu has gone downhill, least to say we will never be trying Hole in the Wall or recommending it to friends (in fact the opposite!).

Published on February 17, 2014


The food and atmosphere was good , however I didn't get a choice of the regular menu. Instead I was given a limited "valentines day menu" . I wasn't informed of this when I booked. So I ended up having to choose a meal that I didn't want. This seems to be very lazy, I won't be going back.